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(15:00) Keynote: Nick D’Arbeloff – Executive Director of the New England Clean Energy Council

In the words of Nick D’Arbeloff, the Executive Director of the New England Clean Energy Council, energy will become the defining issue of our generation. In other words -“Its going to be a big deal.” Mr. D’Arbeloff spoke candidly about the urgent need for a transformation of the energy sector – “its been real hot lately,” – as well as about the current status and development of energy, both in New England and beyond. The Clean Energy sector is one of the largest job providers in Massachusetts, yet, if the Northeast was a country, it would be one of the biggest CO2 emitters in the world. As developing countries wish to emulate the western way of life, an energy transformation is mandated – and we are going to have to be the ones who provide it.

– Amanda


(11:45-13:15) Panel 2: Successful Manuvers Within Policy Frameworks

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(11:45) Moderator: Steve Fontana: Connecticut House of Representatives Representative Steve Fontana spoke about the interface of government and businessy. In particular he discussed how policy framework changes as industry evolves. He explained how government doesn’t do a good job of thinking long-term due to high turnover rate. Hence, the government. can’t do long-term energy too well. “Thankfully we’ve got a lot of good people in the private sector working on this”. Because the area is evolving so rapidly he believes that we need to be able to respond quickly. However, we haven’t done that yet Continue reading ‘(11:45-13:15) Panel 2: Successful Manuvers Within Policy Frameworks’

(10:00-11:45) Panel 1: From Your Lab to the Home – Bringing Energy Technology to the Market

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(10:00) Moderator: Vincent Manno, Professor of Mechnanical Engineering, Tufts Univeristy Bringing energy efficiency to the marketplace has been a major problem for a long time, and is just now coming to the surface. The industry has coined the term “From Bench to Bedside.”Manno believes that “Energy is the lifeblood of our society” and that this is an important topic to be continually under discussion. Continue reading ‘(10:00-11:45) Panel 1: From Your Lab to the Home – Bringing Energy Technology to the Market’

(9:30) Keynote: Steve Connors, MIT Energy Labs

Steve Connors spoke about transforming the Energy Landscape from centralized to decentralized production, supply, and consumption. Conners questions high technology energy solutions with a simple question: “ Is it Physics or is it Photoshop?”. He used examples such as the Wind Dam proposed for Russia or the FutureGen Clean Coal power plant proposed for the US. Solutions he proposed are aggressive improvements in end-use efficiency, diversifying our domestic energy sources, and modernizing our transmission system.

In particular, I found his rationality for energy efficiency very interesting: “A lot of the things we are doing to de-carbonize are less efficient than current solutions. Oil essentially comes out of the ground the way we use it. No other energy solution is that efficient. We need to increase our efficiency in other sectors to offset the decreased efficiency in de-carbonization”

– Jayson

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Tufts Energy Conference 2008

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